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March 28, 2019
LogiCore Employee Assumes Command of the 368th Engineers
April 23, 2019

LogiCore Recognizes Retiring LSD Division Chief

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Our customer, Michael W. West, Maintenance Analysis and Plans Division Chief of the Logistics Support Directorate, celebrates retirement after 34 years of exceptional service and overall mission success to the United States Army.

LogiCore has provided outstanding support to the Logistics Support Directorate since 2016. Our personnel currently supporting the Maintenance Analysis and Plans Division, provide maintenance planning and analysis for Redstone units and Aviation platforms. Projects include Test Equipment Modernization (TEMOD), Redesigned Kill Vehicle, and Future Vertical Lift. Personnel additionally provide Product Support Analysis and Performance-Based Logistics support by conducting Core Logistics Assessments, Core Depot Assessments, and extensive review of maintenance documents.

LogiCore Project Managers, Ms. Cynethia Bailey and Ms. Andrea Sawchak, were honored to present Mr. West an award.

The LogiCore Team sends “Best Wishes” to Mr. West in his retirement!